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PERUBATANonline Rebranding


With the server problems solved, we've started to begin second phase of PERUBATANonline Rebranding - Template Change.

As you all can see, we're using a new theme - TerranTribune. It gives us a lot more spaces and a nice template for the articles and news. Jackster already uploaded the theme to the server so I've applied it this morning and it was really a mess.

There's still a lot of works to do so please wait patiently until we're done with it. I made decision to disable some modules for the meantime; Shoutbox, etc. And I'm still having problems with Submit Menu so I'll enable it back after this.

Feel free to visit PERUBATANonline and leave some comments here if you like.


Staff survey: 75% +++++++-
Template Change: 70% +++++++
Submission Cleaning: 0%
Organizing Galeria: 10%
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