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MySQL Server Has Gone Away


I believe there are SOME users out there cannot access PERUBATANonline or some of the subdomains, causing this error:

Database Error: MySQL server has gone away
File: /home/perunorg/public_html/forum/Sources/Security.php
Line: 279Database Error: MySQL server has gone away
File: /home/perunorg/public_html/forum/Sources/Load.php
Line: 2026

We didnt know what is the cause behind this, but after checking around, I believe that this is NOT perubatan.org's fault.

The reason for this error is; YOUR Internet Provider cannot load the Simple Machines Forum data, causing this problem due to some reasons. This error was known worldwide and there is nothing we can do to help. It resolves itself as the time passing by.

Links below may help you understand more about the situation.
SMF Support : Help from SMF.
Zon Alaf : Another website encountering the same prob.

If you keep getting this error, please use proxy to access PERUBATANonline and the subdomains using SMF. You can choose from the proxies listed at Proxy.org

Listed below are the sites affected:
PERUBATANonline : Login and forum.

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