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PERUBATANonline in Offline Mode


Dear members,

We would like to inform that PERUBATANonline will be Offline for a week starting 20th January. The maintenance will include transferring all content and database to a new URL and making some adjustment to the content. We made this decision after considering that most active-users will be inactive due to exam, and to prevent New Content (articles, avatars, registration and comments) from being submitted. It is just a matter of transferring to a new URL so dont expect too much changes after that.

Further changes and repair will be done during Winter Break, phase by phase, and we'll try to keep PERUBATANonline accessible during that.

Please take note that ALL subdomains can still be accessed so there should be no worries regarding e-Learning, The Zikr, old blogs and the NEWest blog - Seminar PERUBATAN.

PERUBATANonline Management Department
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