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Egypt Blog Awards 2009 Stage One


Thanks for all your nominations. The results; Top 5 Nomination from each categories will be posted on 13th October along with the launch of Stage Two: Voting. Dont miss it!

STAGE 1: Nomination

The inaugural mediaPERUBATAN Egypt Blog Awards 2009 starts NOW! You can nominate any blogs according to these condition:
  • MUST be PERUBATAN's member blog
  • MUST be open for public.
  • For Blog of Special Interest Category, the blog MUST have at least 5 entries relating to every category you nominate for (refer Blog of Special Interest below)
You can nominate as much blogs as possible but not repeatedly the same one.

Blog of Special Interest Categories:

Best Photo/Travel Blog:
  • Sharing their journey experience to the world, or just a tons of photo collection to make you eager to go experience it yourself.

Best Medical Blog:
  • They speak about the medical world, whether about the medicine and diseases, or hospital experience, they're your reference.

Best Techno Blog:
  • Softwares and hardwares, cheats and tricks, gadgets and tutorials is what makes you visit their blog.

Best Creative Writing Blog:
  • A simple poem, or a long fiction, or a memorable tazkirah, they have it all.

Best Political Blog:
  • What to say more? They comments about the political issues from their view, current issues are all in their hands.

Overall Blog Categories:

Most Controversial Blog:
  • Speaks of the uneasiness in their life or just enough to make people responds, it's their job to make the blogosphere go mad.

Best Blog Design:
  • This is a blend of art and science in the free expression of oneself. Its a concept that is completely new, creative and totally out of the world. It’s in the blog interface that makes you go WOW.

Most Influential Blog:
  • They make you change your life, they give you spirits, they make you think, and most of all, they make you surf their blog everytime you open the browser.

Best Group Blog:
  • Great blog composed of different writers.

(The description is just to help you recognize which blog is which. The title say it all, it may be more than just the description given.)

The top 5 nominees from each categories will be shortlisted based on your nominations and our panel to go through the voting stage. So what are you waiting for, the fate of the blogger award lies in your hands. Show your support for your favourite medical bloggers by nominating them! Just fill in the nomination form below.

Special prizes may awaits both nominators and nominees!

Nominations are open from 27th September to 11th October 2009.

Note: These links may help you choose: Topsite and Community
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Atiqah said :
October 6, 2009 at 7:03 AM
boleh ke nominate blog admin ni?
patutnye tak boleh kan. hehe.

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