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Forum's Reopened



Hi Tibbers,

The Voting Stage has ended and the counting will start right after this entry is published. Hopefully we'll get the results by tomorrow, or I'll announce it on 1st November. Be sure to check it out, and find out which is the Best Blog in PERUBATAN's blogosphere. Sometimes I personally think this is rather a popularity award, but never mind. We'll fix that in the next time. Look forward to next time with more great prizes!

Recently there're many issues regarding PERUBATAN and its members. In addition of ex-Advisor's advice, Hamdan Saparwan, I decided to reopen the forum so that all members can discuss openly, without hesitation and find their way out of their conflicts. Separate subdomain is used and I'll work on the template slowly considering many things. Be sure to drop by and give some comments on the issues discussed there.

Thanks and enjoy this new year happily with us.
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