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172 Guest [Fixed]


It's been a week since the holiday's end. And yesterday was our Prophet's birthday. Allahumma solli ala saidina Muhammad.

Guess what? Our PERUBATANonline was really popular these days. Look at the image below; 172 guests. Woah, does that intrigue you? For me, yes. That was indeed intrigued me. I mean, who in the world accessed PERUBATANonline up to 170+ people? Name 10 people who'll surf PERUBATANonline; except me and Jackster, and maybe our new boss: Qubnani. =P

I ran a few check on Google Analytics, and even installed Feedjit to detect from where all the guests came but got nothing. It's really a bug.

PERUBATANonline is popular was just a hoax played by the module itself. It was a disappointment though. I really hope PERUBATANonline will be that popular. XD It is really a dream I believe we can achieve one day.

The bug's fixed. All guest count will be normal again, I hope. XD

Whatever happened, let's make the dream come true. I believe one time in the future, that guest count will not be a bug. =)

We still need more writers to cover up the Malaysian medical students' stories throughout Egypt. Or you can just give us some tips. Come on guys, stimulate your journalism instinct. For those who love to write love stories and comics, you're also welcomed. Send them to media[at]perubatan.org

And maybe you can spend some time filling out this survey form.

Thanks and happy studying. =)
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