509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded [Updated]


Hot news! PERUBATANonline bandwidth has exceeded its limit! This means all domains that have perubatan.org in their URL cannot be accessed for the rest of this month, except for some subdomains which used Blogger hosting.

Do you know when there is election going on, Harakahdaily, Malaysiatoday and all political website will exceed their limits due to enormous traffic they had? Or maybe if you use Etisalat Broadband, there's a limit to how much you can download/upload per month. Well, I can say that the same situation has occurred to PERUBATANonline.

Positively, we would like to think that we got a huge number of visitors this month, although there are a lot of other factors influence bandwidth usage (Contents, audio, video, emails etc). Despite the problem, we would like to congratulate all visitors for visiting PERUBATANonline, and of course, the committee who dedicated themselves to bring fresh and cool contents to attract more visitors to their websites.

This problem will resolve itself once we get into new month. That means, another 2 or 3 days. Please bear with it.

PERUBATANonline was allocated 20GB bandwith per month. Half of them was used by v3 and Iskandariah, another half usually used equally among other subdomains (theZikr, Seminar, muhafazah etc). This is the lowest package we got with the budget we have; RM120 per year. With additional funds, we can upgrade the package into more powerful server, more allocated bandwidth and more cool features.

This problem will happen again for the next months IF we can maintain the bandwidth usage the same as this month. But the bad news are; Visitors are increasing everyday. Contents are also increasing everyday. I also believe every subdomains Team Committee have their own plans for the next few months to increase interactive media they presented in their website. Long story made short: There'll be an increase in bandwidth usage. Worst, it'll be exceeded much faster.

We at PERUBATANonline Management Team want to take Virtual Private Server: Advanced Container package, which cost at least USD40 (~RM140) per month, excluding some additional stuff that have to be paid separately (taxes, softwares, license). Roughly, we need USD50 (~RM175) per month to cover the expenses. That'll make around USD600 (~RM2100) per year. Considering PERUBATAN economical status, this might be too much to ask, but we're currently thinking of a donation campaign among the members.

So, what do you think; Should we upgrade the package or not? And if Yes, should we make a donation campaign? Leave us some comments and thoughts.

Thanks, and I hope you'll continue to support us.

  1. PERUBATANonline refers to perubatan.org and all its subdomains (*.perubatan.org)
  2. What is bandwidth - Wikipedia
10 Responses to "509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded [Updated]"
kepalakotak said :
March 29, 2010 at 6:26 PM
rm120 setahun??
untuk persatuan beribu pelajar, satu mesir??


tahniah cawangan iskandariah!!
GiLli said :
March 29, 2010 at 7:16 PM
buat apa nk amik VPS kalau xda benda nk guna..

kata tadak budget.. 120 setahun xda budget.. USD40 sebulan nk amik VPS? x masuk akal beb..
ko tambah RM40 leh dapat Diskspace 10GB BW 30GB.. mane lg jimat? USD40x12 atau RM120+40 one time payment?

perubatanMesir pon da jadi perubatan Cairo.. so why bother doing donation campaign at muhafazah?
ko nk collect kat alex.. collect ah.. but again.. buy only for what u need.. 10GB diskspace n 30GB bandwidth is more than enough.. 20GB ko habes pon dalam 3 hari b4 the month is end kn? 10GB mana nk hbs dalam 3 hari.. unless ko host file besar2 dalam server.. then go for VPS..
HafizAdam said :
March 29, 2010 at 7:27 PM
statistically, last month was 18GB. the month before that 15GB. the demands increased over time. disk space pun skrg dah 75%. satu lagi, cost tu utk cover seluruh *.perubatan.org maka tak timbul soal muhafazah ke tak muhafazah sebab muhafazah pun gune bandwidth yang sama. Iskandariah became the second top bandwidth user because Mansurah, Tanta and Zaqaziq used Blogger hosting except for some things. lucky, I should say. Or the limit will be exceeded faster than we imagine.
GiLli said :
March 29, 2010 at 7:45 PM
hehehe.. aku rasa ko x habis survey lagi internet-webhosting nyer hosting plan... RM120 dengan 10GB Diskspace 50GB bandwidth ko nak ? http://bit.ly/iwebhost

cek weh... jgn x cek..
GiLli said :
March 29, 2010 at 7:48 PM
ko nak lagi jimat? ko host domain ko kat tempat lain... ko beli domain ko kat netkl.com ko beli server kt internet-webhosting ... RM109.95 setahun... ko leh dapat domain. 10GB diskspace.. 50gb bandwidth... ko run untuk 3 bulan dulu n tgk..brapa total bandwidth ko pakai.. x cukup lagi aku xtahu laa..
GiLli said :
March 29, 2010 at 7:59 PM
1 VPS = USD480 / year = ~RM1700

14 Shared Hosting = RM 1680/year

HafizAdam said :
March 29, 2010 at 8:36 PM
haha mende ni dah 2 tahun fikir, siap dah bentang dalam mesyuarat lagi. "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" merupakan visi dan misi sejak 6 bulan lepas. kalau setakat Shared Hosting, memang tanak buat donation. kitorang bleh support sendiri. consultation dari orang lain pun teruskan kepada VPS kalau nak buat donation.

PERUBATAN kan bakal ade website torrent. amik la server power. wakaka~
Neo Rantissi said :
March 30, 2010 at 5:14 PM
I do believe RM175 per month is too much. Bab-bab internet dan web-hosting ni aku mmg x reti, tapi xder ker pilihan plan yg maybe RM 3-400/year ker, sounds more reasonable I think.
HafizAdam said :
March 30, 2010 at 5:30 PM
ni maximum choice. lower choice kitorg tak mintak Donation ahli sbb dalam lingkungan bajet PERUBATAN je. haha
Ain-chan said :
March 30, 2010 at 7:23 PM
hmm....rm175 sebulan mmg byk kalo sorang2 je kena byr, pulak tu kalo private student yg tak kaya raya. Tp yg ditaja, asal dari fmly mewah, atau kedua2 skali pun ramai gak. Blh gi minum costa coffee, tgk wayang kat city star, beli jam ngan kasut adidas, main kuda, gi jln oversea...

Kalau pun team PO ni nk buat donation, takyah la kutuk kan? Peluang utk buat sedekah tu (sapa yg nk la).

All the best, adik2 :)

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