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Recruiting PO Management Department Crew [Closed]


PERUBATANonline with more than 50+ subdomains are supervised by me as the Webmaster. Excluding some subdomains which have their own crew, I personally manage about 10 subdomains with some help from other Departments. In order to focus and simplify things, I think it's not enough with only me, and here it is: I'm recruiting more people into my Department.

1. komunitiPERUBATAN Manager
  • Simplest job. Add/Remove PERUBATAN member's blog according to muhafazah into our Metablog.
  • Importantly, they should active enough to blog hopping and add anyone with the title 'Medical Student in Egypt'.

2. Facebook status updater
  • Update our mediaPERUBATAN Fanpage status.
  • Must be actively screening all PERUBATANonline subdomains to get good, attractive articles and news.

3. Event Manager
  • Update all PERUBATAN activities into our v3 Calendar.
  • Must alert with all PERUBATAN activities.

**Will update if there're free spots later**

Application opened to ALL medical students in Egypt, not limited to Cairo only since we're working ONLINE. These are quite easy jobs actually. If you can spend half an hour per day, it's enough. We only need commitment and hard work.

Send your application to management[at]perubatan[dot]org with these details:
  1. Name
  2. Year and University
  3. IC Number
  4. Phone Number
  5. YM, email

Help us, apply now.

p/s: This ad was published during Exam period, but you can start after Summer break. =)
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