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Maintenance - Datacenter Migration [UPDATED]


Assalamualaikum readers,

It's been a while since this blog was updated.

If you noticed, PERUBATANonline is not accessible today so here's a quick explanation:

Dear our Valued Customers,

As part of our continuous commitment to provide a better service and better hosting experience to our valued clients, we would like to hereby announce that there will be a major data center migration and consolidation exercise that will be carried out on 26th May 2012 (Saturday) at 6.00PM (GMT +8).

In the process, we will physically unplug the servers from present Cyberjaya Data Centers and transport them to the new data centers located at Technology Park Malaysia. A 5-9 hours of downtime is to be expected during the migration exercise.
Warm Regards,
Support Team

To make it simple, there will be server downtime starting from 12.00PM (GMT +2 Cairo time) today. The downtime is expected to be 6-12 hours and will affect ALL domains/subdomains using *.perubatan.org in their URL except those which are not using the server (eg: Komuniti).

We're not sure if this Data Migration will affect PERUBATANonline in the future but we'll try our best to minimize any damages. Stay tune for the update later.


Chief Executive Officer
PERUBATANonline Department

UPDATE 2100, 26 May
All back online again!
Visit PERUBATANonline and browse all the articles. I'm sure you'll have something to Share with your friends.
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