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Maintenance - Hosting Transfer [UPDATED]




If you noticed, our server is a little bit unstable right now. This is due to hosting transfer we made to upgrade our system:
PHP 5.3.xx (previously 5.2.xx)
MySQL 5.1.6 (previously 5.0.9)

Domain propagation will take 24-72 hours.

Currently we're checking any file lost and web dysfunction. Please report if you found one (In case you get to browse the website though)

Expect good news from us in the future.


Chief Executive Officer
PERUBATANonline Department

Some bugs were found after data transfer:

  • v3 only shows header (repaired 20121014)
  • e-Learning PCI only shows header (repaired 20121014)
  • some users cant browse PCI blog (this is due to ISP. cant do much except try browsing from your friend's computer)
  • server always down (this is due to other shared hosting making overload in the server. cant do anything about it)
  • images doesnt show in Wordpress-based blog
Please report if you found any other problems. Use the comment form below.
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