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509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded; Again! [UPDATED]


Yay! We made it again!

While last March we passed the 20GB limit, this time we exceeded the new 50GB bandwidth limit.
(After the last occurrance, I managed to upgrade the limit from 20GB to 50GB, for Free of Charge starting August.)

These websites will be affected during this time, and will only accessible on New Year (1 January 2011).



*Bolded are websites currently in use

Although no big event will be affected, still it will hinder the promotion activity especially Karnival.

Stay tune for this New Year (1/1/11), PERUBATANonline will come up with new whitish look; version 3.11!

UPDATE 1315, 27 December
I'm trying to increase the limit (+10GB) for this month. It'll take some time, and I'm not really sure if it's enough.

UPDATE 1430, 27 December
Payment made. RM50 for additional 10Gb. Honestly I'm not sure if this amount is enough until New Year, but please bear with us. December had too much program, increased usage 200% from last month.

The websites mentioned above should up and running again in 12 hours. Thank you.

UPDATE 1450, 27 December
Done! All the aforementioned websites will up and running again for the next 2 days (at least. depends on usage). I think it's enough to wrap things up until next month reset.

Due to some circumstances, our website was hacked by an Indonesian loser. We'll try to repair the damages done as soon as possible. Please comment if we overlook certain things.

Thank you.

UPDATE 1100, 31 December
Finally, the additional bandwidth limit was all used up. Thanks for supporting us. See you next year, with PERUBATANonline v3.11 RC1.

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Recruiting PO Management Department Crew [Closed]


PERUBATANonline with more than 50+ subdomains are supervised by me as the Webmaster. Excluding some subdomains which have their own crew, I personally manage about 10 subdomains with some help from other Departments. In order to focus and simplify things, I think it's not enough with only me, and here it is: I'm recruiting more people into my Department.

1. komunitiPERUBATAN Manager
  • Simplest job. Add/Remove PERUBATAN member's blog according to muhafazah into our Metablog.
  • Importantly, they should active enough to blog hopping and add anyone with the title 'Medical Student in Egypt'.

2. Facebook status updater
  • Update our mediaPERUBATAN Fanpage status.
  • Must be actively screening all PERUBATANonline subdomains to get good, attractive articles and news.

3. Event Manager
  • Update all PERUBATAN activities into our v3 Calendar.
  • Must alert with all PERUBATAN activities.

**Will update if there're free spots later**

Application opened to ALL medical students in Egypt, not limited to Cairo only since we're working ONLINE. These are quite easy jobs actually. If you can spend half an hour per day, it's enough. We only need commitment and hard work.

Send your application to management[at]perubatan[dot]org with these details:
  1. Name
  2. Year and University
  3. IC Number
  4. Phone Number
  5. YM, email

Help us, apply now.

p/s: This ad was published during Exam period, but you can start after Summer break. =)

509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded [Updated]


Hot news! PERUBATANonline bandwidth has exceeded its limit! This means all domains that have perubatan.org in their URL cannot be accessed for the rest of this month, except for some subdomains which used Blogger hosting.

Do you know when there is election going on, Harakahdaily, Malaysiatoday and all political website will exceed their limits due to enormous traffic they had? Or maybe if you use Etisalat Broadband, there's a limit to how much you can download/upload per month. Well, I can say that the same situation has occurred to PERUBATANonline.

Positively, we would like to think that we got a huge number of visitors this month, although there are a lot of other factors influence bandwidth usage (Contents, audio, video, emails etc). Despite the problem, we would like to congratulate all visitors for visiting PERUBATANonline, and of course, the committee who dedicated themselves to bring fresh and cool contents to attract more visitors to their websites.

This problem will resolve itself once we get into new month. That means, another 2 or 3 days. Please bear with it.

PERUBATANonline was allocated 20GB bandwith per month. Half of them was used by v3 and Iskandariah, another half usually used equally among other subdomains (theZikr, Seminar, muhafazah etc). This is the lowest package we got with the budget we have; RM120 per year. With additional funds, we can upgrade the package into more powerful server, more allocated bandwidth and more cool features.

This problem will happen again for the next months IF we can maintain the bandwidth usage the same as this month. But the bad news are; Visitors are increasing everyday. Contents are also increasing everyday. I also believe every subdomains Team Committee have their own plans for the next few months to increase interactive media they presented in their website. Long story made short: There'll be an increase in bandwidth usage. Worst, it'll be exceeded much faster.

We at PERUBATANonline Management Team want to take Virtual Private Server: Advanced Container package, which cost at least USD40 (~RM140) per month, excluding some additional stuff that have to be paid separately (taxes, softwares, license). Roughly, we need USD50 (~RM175) per month to cover the expenses. That'll make around USD600 (~RM2100) per year. Considering PERUBATAN economical status, this might be too much to ask, but we're currently thinking of a donation campaign among the members.

So, what do you think; Should we upgrade the package or not? And if Yes, should we make a donation campaign? Leave us some comments and thoughts.

Thanks, and I hope you'll continue to support us.

  1. PERUBATANonline refers to perubatan.org and all its subdomains (*.perubatan.org)
  2. What is bandwidth - Wikipedia

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172 Guest [Fixed]


It's been a week since the holiday's end. And yesterday was our Prophet's birthday. Allahumma solli ala saidina Muhammad.

Guess what? Our PERUBATANonline was really popular these days. Look at the image below; 172 guests. Woah, does that intrigue you? For me, yes. That was indeed intrigued me. I mean, who in the world accessed PERUBATANonline up to 170+ people? Name 10 people who'll surf PERUBATANonline; except me and Jackster, and maybe our new boss: Qubnani. =P

I ran a few check on Google Analytics, and even installed Feedjit to detect from where all the guests came but got nothing. It's really a bug.

PERUBATANonline is popular was just a hoax played by the module itself. It was a disappointment though. I really hope PERUBATANonline will be that popular. XD It is really a dream I believe we can achieve one day.

The bug's fixed. All guest count will be normal again, I hope. XD

Whatever happened, let's make the dream come true. I believe one time in the future, that guest count will not be a bug. =)

We still need more writers to cover up the Malaysian medical students' stories throughout Egypt. Or you can just give us some tips. Come on guys, stimulate your journalism instinct. For those who love to write love stories and comics, you're also welcomed. Send them to media[at]perubatan.org

And maybe you can spend some time filling out this survey form.

Thanks and happy studying. =)

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Share with your friends!


Hi friends, happy holidays.
Looks like there're no news from PERUBATANonline Admin recently. Everyone's busy with the exams I guess.

Congratulations to the new Excos. I hope we can work together happily, especially BPP's. Dont forget to download "AJKT 08/10" wallpapers. I got nothing to do and I thought that's my gift for their great achievement last session.

Great news - PERUBATANonline Management Department got a new member. To be precise, a female assistant. I wish I can make her useful, XD. We got some upgrading projects this session, so stay tune with us for more infos.

For starters, I've added new feature to PERUBATANonline: Share This Article. Please use it for good purpose and help us promote the articles to your friends. Don't just be a silent reader. =)

I've listed here some buttons that are common and easy to use but you may never use them:
Buzz - using your Yahoo Account.
Plurk - I think this one is popular too.
Blogger & Wordpress - post the articles to your blog.

Click for a clearer view

And maybe I should tell you about some other features:
1. Authorlink: Know the writers and attack him/her when he wronged you. Well, that's not my main purpose but writers should be responsible for their articles, right? =)

2. Related: Read more related articles. I cant say it's related exactly because the Addon uses the title to relate different articles but maybe you can find something interesting to read.

We need more reporters to cover up medical student stories throughout Egypt. Or you can just send us some tips at media[at]perubatan.org

Thanks for reading and enjoy your holidays.