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Domain Propagation


Salam Maal Hijrah,

As announced before, we've moved our website to new server. All files transfer has been completed and all we need to do is waiting for the Domain Name System (DNS) to properly resolve our domain to the new location.

It will take 24-72 hours for the propagation to complete.

To make sure your browser didnt go to the old server please try to ping perubatan.org and see where the reply came from.
- Open Start menu
- Type ping -t perubatan.org

New server should show like this:

If, in any case you got different reply (not, that means your DNS didnt update the new location yet.

There're some ways to speed up DNS propagation, but they're not guaranteed and still, the best thing to do is waiting for the DNS to update by itself.

1. Flush your DNS
- Open Command Prompt
- Type ipconfig/flushdns
- Reboot your internet modem


2. Edit your TCP/IP file
- Open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
- Edit file "hosts" using Notepad
- Add new line at the bottom of the list: perubatan.org
- Save
- Make sure you revert to the original setting after a few weeks. This modification alter how your internet works, I cant say for sure it's perfect.

After doing any of the steps above, try pinging perubatan.org again.

We're really sorry for the inconvenience and confusion this process has caused.

Expect PERUBATANonline to run smoothly on the new server starting this December.

If you still have any problem and enquiry, dont hesitate to ask us through Facebook.

Hafiz Adam Azlan
Chief Executive Officer,
PERUBATANonline Department.

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Moving Forward


It has been a great 5 years and now it's time to move on.

We started perubatan.org with Internet-Webhosting on July 2007, and after much discussions and researches, today Nov 2012 we have completed the payment to transfer our hosting to Server Freak.

This week we'll complete the rest of the process and expect perubatan.org (PERUBATANonline) to be running smoothly on new server this December.

Read more on one of our Admin's blog.

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Maintenance - Hosting Transfer [UPDATED]




If you noticed, our server is a little bit unstable right now. This is due to hosting transfer we made to upgrade our system:
PHP 5.3.xx (previously 5.2.xx)
MySQL 5.1.6 (previously 5.0.9)

Domain propagation will take 24-72 hours.

Currently we're checking any file lost and web dysfunction. Please report if you found one (In case you get to browse the website though)

Expect good news from us in the future.


Chief Executive Officer
PERUBATANonline Department

Some bugs were found after data transfer:

  • v3 only shows header (repaired 20121014)
  • e-Learning PCI only shows header (repaired 20121014)
  • some users cant browse PCI blog (this is due to ISP. cant do much except try browsing from your friend's computer)
  • server always down (this is due to other shared hosting making overload in the server. cant do anything about it)
  • images doesnt show in Wordpress-based blog
Please report if you found any other problems. Use the comment form below.

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Maintenance - Datacenter Migration [UPDATED]


Assalamualaikum readers,

It's been a while since this blog was updated.

If you noticed, PERUBATANonline is not accessible today so here's a quick explanation:

Dear our Valued Customers,

As part of our continuous commitment to provide a better service and better hosting experience to our valued clients, we would like to hereby announce that there will be a major data center migration and consolidation exercise that will be carried out on 26th May 2012 (Saturday) at 6.00PM (GMT +8).

In the process, we will physically unplug the servers from present Cyberjaya Data Centers and transport them to the new data centers located at Technology Park Malaysia. A 5-9 hours of downtime is to be expected during the migration exercise.
Warm Regards,
Support Team

To make it simple, there will be server downtime starting from 12.00PM (GMT +2 Cairo time) today. The downtime is expected to be 6-12 hours and will affect ALL domains/subdomains using *.perubatan.org in their URL except those which are not using the server (eg: Komuniti).

We're not sure if this Data Migration will affect PERUBATANonline in the future but we'll try our best to minimize any damages. Stay tune for the update later.


Chief Executive Officer
PERUBATANonline Department

UPDATE 2100, 26 May
All back online again!
Visit PERUBATANonline and browse all the articles. I'm sure you'll have something to Share with your friends.