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Emergency Maintenance!


Sorry for the inconvenience these last days. Pasted here announcement from Internet-Webhosting Support Team.

EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE : Hardware replacement and Recovery
Posted By: Senior Sales & Support On: 25 Nov 2008 10:33 AM

All of Windows and Linux Server
We are sorry for the late reply and update on the recent issue.
It seems that recently there has been a server breakdown for all the server in the rack.
Some are having a motherboard issue and some are the disk issue.
We are now doing our level best as to identified which of the problem hardware and have it replace immediately.
Some sites now are already recovered and some are still having the problem.
We are expecting to fixed this issue within 24 hours from now.
On behalf of our management, we truly sorry for this unfortunate event to happened.
Thank you,

Internet Webhosting Support Team

It seems that the servers need to be changed and all contents after 24 November are lost and need to be uploaded again.

We'll cease all updates and wait for another 24 hours before begin updates on the PERUBATANonline and its subdomains.


UPDATE: 26 November 2008 (05.20am)
Server maintenance has been finished successfully. PERUBATANonline and its subdomains can be surfed without problems from now on.

Users can start posting new articles and news, and blog admins can start updating their programs.

Once again, I'm sorry for the problems that happened.
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