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Notes For Cawangan's UPP (1)



First, download and install this Firefox Add-on: FireFTP

We'll use this software to upload files into the server; themes and plugins mostly.

Configure your FireFTP:
1-Create new account
2-Account Name: Create any.
3-Host: Check the note given; FTP Host
4-Login: Put the FTP account provided
5-Password: Same as above.

Connect to your account to start uploading files.
Plugins and themes need to be uploaded in this way.
Put all of them in the /wp-content folder.

First of all, please upload this plugin: Wordpress Automatic Upgrade plugin. Download, extract and then upload to the server. This plugin will help us in the future.

The latest Wordpress version (2.7+) added plugins installaton features so you dont need to use this tutorial for the plugins. Just open the Plugins section and you'll find Add New button there. Use this tutorial for the theme only:

Make sure you activate the plugin:

If you encounter any problems, please contact HafizAdam or Jackster
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